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Current Openings

    None at present.

How to apply

Read the job description thoroughly. It contains a unique code that you'll need to include in your application to be considered.

E-mail careers AT imazen DOT io and ensure you include links to past work.

We will delete your application if it doesn't include links to source code you've written and published on GitHub, Bitbucket, or Codeplex.

We want your bio, contact info, GitHub account, StackOveflow profile link, and examples of related work you've done in the past. We're not into résumés.

Start work tomorrow

We're looking for candidates who can start immediately or within 3 weeks. All jobs start on a 1099 basis and have a 1-month trial period. 3 or 6-month contract basis.


  • 100% remote, open to candidates from any country.
  • Good tools & zero tolerance for technical debt.
  • Weekly direct deposit & very competitive pay
  • Impact software development with your remaining keystrokes; you can do better than internal business apps.

About Imazen

Imazen is a small software engineering company that publishes high-quality, open-source libraries for Ruby, Javascript, and .NET.

We're focused on making software development less painful and enabling a new generation of applications through better software stacks.

We focus on quality, not quantity, and we're looking for candidates who can do the same. We have our pick of projects and clients — come work with the best.

Your primary collaborator

Lilith River is the owner and lead software engineer at Imazen