The fastest and most precise Folio converter on the planet

Do you have legacy Folio Views infobases (.nfo, .fff) that are weighing you down? Get them losslessly converted into XHTML, simplified HTML, or XML. Publish them as eBooks, import them into MS SharePoint, or put them on a website.

Our conversion software is written in the form of a lossless software compiler, preserving all formatting details and measurements, as well as indexing options, fields, etc. Side-by-side comparisons of Folio Views documents and the resulting HTML will usually only differ in improved text rendering.

Our process is also amenable to in-line filtering and processing. We can strip arbitrary formatting/fielding information, perform complex transforms, convert query links into hard links, and even generate HTML popups for notes/popups in the text.

We do not offer the software for download or in-house use — at the moment, this functionality is only available as a service.

E-mail sales AT imazen DOT io for details; pricing starts at $1200/infobase. Get the best value letting us handle your entire content conversion process.