Personalized consulting for your business

Whether you're starting a new project or looking to refactor an existing one, Imazen is here to help. With our expertise and your vision, we can create an architecture with the right frameworks and libraries to give your project a headstart and a maintainable future.

Consulting often saves more money than it costs

  • There may be a free library out there with everything you need for your project. With over 3.3 billion lines of open-source open-source software open to your disposal; hiring someone who knows the terrain, the pitfalls, and the available material just makes good business sense. Again, consulting often saves more money than it costs!

  • Thinking of outsourcing? We'll help you get a report so you can clearly outline your project requirements from the start. Many outsourced projects quickly dissolve into chaos for no other reasons but poor communication and unclear planning. Spend a little time with us and save your business hundreds of hours on avoidable problems.

  • Think of that buggy, unreliable program that you have to use simply because there's no alternative. Now imagine its capabilities were available in ImageResizer's reliable, secure programming all along. We see this all the time. Set up a meeting with us and we can show you how to use our software (and even other software) to optimize your website.

Consulting options

  1. General architecture, open-source, or code-reuse consulting. Even 30 minutes with us can be the difference between a smoothly functioning product and thousands of hours and dollars wasted on foreseeable problems.
  2. Buy a support contract. If you are using ImageResizer, we offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold-level support contracts, each come with architecture planning, as well as many other benefits.
  3. Repositext Consulting. We can help you manage non-linear multi-channel publishing workflow to optimize your results.
  4. Folio conversion. Get legacy Folio Views infobases converted to XHTML, simplidied HTML, or CML using our conversion software and expertise.

To set up a consultation, email us at [email protected]