Our Software

This page features what we think are our most exciting and promising projects. We have another page that features some of our other projects, which you can find here.



ImageResizer provides unparalleled performance, scalability, security, and ease-of-use to organizations of any size. Standardization, interoperability, open-source development and community involvement are key tenants of our product's philosophy. ImageResizer makes advanced functionality like red-eye correction, face detection, object classifcation-based cropping, object removal (seam carving), PDF rendering and sophisticated photography filters accessible with a simple RESTful API and easy UI. Due to its easy embeddability and plugin architecture, ImageResizer has been integrated into dozens of content management systems and CMS modules.

Read more about ImageResizer on the product website.


A desktop and mobile-friendly UI for editing small to gigantic images in your browser.

View StudioJS on Github

WebP for .NET

Google's WebP Image format offers dramatic improvements in file size, quality, and features when compared to JPEG and PNG. Imazen has authored the only working .NET wrapper for libwebp.

View it on GitHub


Resizing images is extremely error prone and quite difficult. We've created a set of embeddable classes for users that need to resize images within client applications, and don't need ImageResizer's web smarts.

View LightResize on GitHub


Slimmage allows CSS, not HTML, to control which image size is downloaded. Creating responsive images has never been so easy.

[View Slimmage on Github] (https://github.com/imazen/slimmage)


SlimResponse looks through outgoing HTML for img tags with a slimmage class applied, then adds the appropriate markup to allow slimmage.js to turn them into responsive images.

View Slimresponse on Github


Libgd-net is a .NET wrapper for our version of libgd.

View Libgd-ned on Github

Content Management

Hardwired CMS

A small, ultra-simple Ruby CMS designed for busy developers who don't have time to fiddle.

Hardwired is DRY and not opinionated about template languages. Implementation of a blog engine and browsing engine requires roughly 20 lines in a Slim template.

All Imazen websites run Hardwired CMS.

View Hardwired CMS on GitHub.

Workflow Management


Repositext is a collection of components and recipes to create your ideal large-scale publishing workflow.

Check out Repositext's website

Repositext Kramdown

Repositext Kramdown is a customized parser/converter for repositext.

View Repositext Kramdown on Github


Command-line tools to manage a content repository.

View Repositext-cli on Github

Systems Management


Suspension enables cross-format merging through token suspension.

View DHCP Manager on Github


KeyHub is anopen source license key management system.

View Keyhub on Github

Standardization Efforts

RESTful Image API Specification

We're working with users and other vendors to establish a fully standardized URL API syntax, so client-side components (such as WYSIWYG editors, photo editors and CMSes) can function independent of the back-end web service.

Read more at RIAPI.org



Reunion is both a library and a local webapp for repeatable accounting. Do your accounting in a single day.

View Reunion on Github