Craft software at Imazen

Why Imazen is a fantastic place to work

  • All of our software is either open-source or source-available on GitHub, and tens of thousands of developers already use our libraries. Your work here will be widely used, and will enable a new generation of applications.
  • 100% remote. Like to work from home? Fantastic. We're open to candidates from any country; live where you're most productive.
  • We look for people who are Done, and get things Smart (Yes, it's a Yegge rant, but well worth the read).
  • We use good tools, and work hard to eliminate all friction in the software development process.
  • We do not tolerate technical debt; we maintain extremely high code quality at the expense of quantity.
  • We'll ensure you have the best tools money can buy. MacBook Pro Retina is standard issue, but you're welcome to use a ThinkPad if you prefer.
  • We stick to interesting projects, like imaging, compilers, cryptography, and HTML5 apps. You'll never get bored; if we're not bringing a radical improvement to a technology space, we're not particularly interested.
  • We value competence, innovation, and precision.
  • Need flexible hours? No problem; we care about results, not time zones.
  • Care about your legacy? Nearly everything you develop will be published on GitHub, with attribution.

What your cover letter ABSOLUTELY MUST include:

  1. Links to your GitHub and StackOverflow profiles; both are required.
  2. Your contact information (Skype, Phone, Email)
  3. Links to *related* projects you've built or worked on

Most Imazen software is written in C#, Javascript, and Ruby. Please ensure you have experience with these languages.


Candidates who have not publicly published any of their own source code will not be considered. If your introduction does not link to your GitHub/CodePlex and StackOverflow profiles, your application will be immediately discarded.

While you may be an excellent developer, we cannot estimate your code quality or measure your passion for helping the Ruby and .NET communities without this information. We cannot make exceptions; the source code you create with us will be published, and will represent our company.

Sample code and open-source projects tell us a lot more about your problem-solving skills than a résumé, so don't spend too much time on one.