Deprecated Software


SuperCopy is a GUI for XCOPY that supports copy simulation, conflict detection, folder merges, differential copies, and automatic log and result analysis and summary.

SuperCopy was released in 2005, and has been downloaded by over thirty thousand users.

[Download SuperCopy from CodePlex](

Nesta CMS Plugins

NestaCMS was the inspiration for Hardwired, and we used it for several years before deciding to further improve our platform. We created 4 plugins for the CMS (all of which are built into Hardwired).


DHCP Manager offers better DHCP reservation management for the Windows Server platform. | View on GitHub


Initally designed in 2001, QuickKey offered users the only efficient way to enter text in a variety of languages. Customizable on-screen keyboards permitted direct character input into other applications.

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When WebCropImage, the most popular cropping control for ASP.NET, was abandoned and deleted by its author, we picked up the MIT-licensed software and gave it a much-needed overhaul. Visit CropImage.NET