Introducing ImageResizer Editions

After Feb. 1st, 2013, you will only be able to purchase plugins as part of an ImageResizer edition; we will be retiring the plugin bundles. We are not discontinuing any plugins, just changing the way they are packaged to reduce confusion and lower the barrier to entry. Existing bundle licenses are still valid, and you can continue to purchase ImageResizer under the old pricing model until Feb. 1st, 2013.

License keys will be introduced this year, but only once we have made them as painless as possible.

To clarify - the software does not yet have license keys, but they will be introduced within a few months for Performance and Creative Edition customers. Existing owners of a 'bundle' license, Elite, and Support Contract customers will be able to download DRM-free dlls. Also, the software will remain open-source, meaning you're welcome to remove the licensing code if you so desire.

Overview of new ImageResizer editions

See the purchase page for a cleaner overview.

Edition Essential Performance Creative Elite
License Type Freedom 1 Wildcard domain (floating) 1 Wildcard domain (floating) Enterprise-wide DRM-free
Price free $249 USD $499 USD $849 USD
Free minor (3.X) upgrades   yes yes yes
RESTful Imaging API yes yes yes yes
Intuitively crop, resize, rotate, flip, constrain, and encode with both the URL and Managed APIs yes yes yes yes
8-bit PNG/GIF & animated GIF processing   yes yes yes
Disk + Memory input/output caching   yes yes yes
SQL, Azure, and Amazon S3 support   yes yes yes
Secure remote image processing   yes yes yes
Amazon CloudFront & Azure CDN compatible   yes yes yes
Flexible text & image overlay support     yes yes
Image filtering suite     yes yes
Content-aware image resizing     yes yes
Advanced file format support (PSD, CR2, DNG, etc)     yes yes
Optional WIC processing pipeline (2-8x performance increase)     yes yes
Smart whitespace removal (great for product photos!)     yes yes
Automatic and manual red-eye detection and removal       yes
Facial detection and smart cropping       yes
PSD editing and rendering       yes
Batch processing and .zip file creation       yes

What is changing?

  1. The Performance and Cloud Bundles will be merged into the $249/domain Performance Edition (Previously this would have cost $498/enterprise.)
  2. The Design Bundle will become the $499/domain Creative Edition, and will also include everything from the Performance Edition (Previously $747/enterprise.)
  3. We're introducing the Elite Edition, which includes absolutely all plugins currently offered, for $849/enterprise (versus $1,000/enterprise for all 4 bundles).
  4. Due to excessive business abuse of the Personal tier, it will be retired on Feb. 1 2013.
  5. The Bronze 6-month will increase $49 from $900 to $949.
  6. Only the Performance and Creative Editions will eventually require registration keys. We will make this experience as painless as possible. OpenID will be available, so you won't need a separate username and password for license management.
  7. None of the editions will include priority telephone or team-viewer support incidents, as they were not used effectively by customers when they were included with the Bundles.
  8. Bug-related support is still free, as always.
  9. We will continue to include source code for everything, permit modification, accept patches, and allow limited redistribution to other license holders.